Welcome to my world


Welcome to My World



MA BABA is a professional hair and makeup artist based in Milan, Italy, who keeps up with the latest trends in the fashion, editorial, high fashion, couture and runway industries.

MA BABA creates edgy and avant-garde makeup looks for her clients - thinking out of the box and going beyond stereotypes leading to create new paradigms and spectacular looks.

MA BABA specializes in doing makeup in fashion settings, such as magazines, fashion runway, and video promotions for the fashion industry.

Her amazing makeup artistry is created based on the needs of every project. For example, runway shows can include a variety of looks from relatively plain styles to more explosive makeup effects, focused always in getting the perfect look.


Ma Baba

"Since 2014, my love for fashion, beauty and makeup artistry have significantly increased. That year, I lived in Milan, Italy, where I was given the chance to meet fashion designer Long Tran and had the amazing opportunity to attend photo shoots for his fashion collection and to actively participate in the aesthetic process including makeup.

In Milan, I discovered a fascinating world, which left imprinted on me a genuine interest, passion and love for fashion, art, architecture and history. I am a woman that goes beyond stereotypes and wants to create new paradigms. A woman that knows no limits and a who knows that her roots point to a specific future; exercising her passion for making beautiful people fascinating.

My real name is Natalia Roa Moriones but my artistic nickname is Ma Baba".

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